Creating Learning Log – EdTech513 post

I had already set up this learning log for my first two classes in the Fall Semester and so will continue to use it to write about my classes this semester. EdTech 513 Multimedia is already shaping up to be something I was not expecting. . .in a good way.  Whilst I have some practical experience in using and engaging pupils with Multimedia tools, I have no real knowledge of the academic theories or science behind why it helps us learn. In my early reading, I have been interested to find out why some of the things I have observed over the years might have happened.

I know that when I have combined images, music and sound together to try and share some knowledge with children, they appear (on the surface) far more engaged that when they are listening to me alone. I know this doesn’t mean that they are learning more but I think that if greater numbers of students are engaged throughout a lesson then the chances have to be better. Obviously this is a huge generalization but I am excited and enthusiastic to deepen my knowledge and develop some new skills in this area. Along the way, hopefully dispelling misconceptions which I am sure I hold and helping me to be a better practitioner.

Just to make sure that I adhered to the task, I modified my About Me page slightly explaining why I am pursuing an MET at Boise State.

Thanks and I look forward to connecting with some of you this semester.