School Evaluation Summary

I thoroughly enjoyed this activity, although I did find it hard to complete – in an emotional sense. I used staff in school to give me feedback for certain aspects and read through policies and documentation. My personal involvement with technology in the school and passion for the subject made me wonder if I could be objective. I was worried that I would be too harsh on the school – I tend to be tough on myself and thought I might project that onto the summary. As a result, I tried to base everything on discussion, documentation, and evidence that I have had from my own class visits. I hope I did a good job. I think I did.

After my first reading of the Maturity Model Benchmarks, my gut reaction was that our school was at the lowest level –  Emergent. By the time I had worked through the benchmarks fully, I was pleased to find that in my evaluation, we were ahead of that, we are actually at an Islands stage. While we have a lot of work to do, we have made good progress in the last 5 years. The process of evaluation was actually cathartic and reassuring. I was not really surprised by anything as such. For me it was more a case of discovery. Where are we and what do we need to do next?

The school has some amazing opportunities ahead of it. Willing staff, new schools in the group to lease with, new leaders in role and a supportive and well-informed parent body. I am optimistic that by using the benchmarks as one of our guiding tools we can move our school forward and embrace technology to support and drive our student’s learning.

A challenging and personal activity which has left me with a positive feeling and clearer direction.

Here is a link to my evaluation. I have set it so that BoiseState email is required for login for confidentialty reasons.


This is a link to my evaluation summary sheet.