Digital Curation

Digital curation was something that I had never even heard of until a few weeks ago. Now I have a great collection of resources that will hopefully benefit me and others who are interested in the same topic. Our assignment was to learn about digital curation and then explore and find a tool to use to curate a topic. The first week of the assignment we worked in mini-PLN’s to read up on the subject and create a list of criteria which we would use in the second part of the assignment to assess our peers’ curated topics.

It all sounded very confusing and then. . .  as I read on . . . the light came on and I got it. I chose to curate resources on the flipped classroom for beginners because I want to experiment with it in my own context. I set about curating the topic using I really enjoyed the process of reading through resources and watching videos in order to build up a collection. It is mildly addictive and the site made it easy to do. As a beginner, my comments and insight are still pretty basic and don’t include a lot of synthesis but I hope that will develop with time.

To finish the assignment each of us in the group read and analyzed each others’ resources using the criteria which we had created the previous week. All in all a successful module. I gained new knowledge, began to develop new skills and enjoyed the activity and experience. A well constructed activity which has once again impacted my day to day teaching.

Fantastic. My collection on the flipped classroom can be found here:

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