APA and an Annotated Bibliography

Our learning this week has been focused on APA referencing – creating an annotated bibliography. I have been learning or I should say, re-learning how to properly cite a resource. It has been many years since I have tackled an activity such as this and at Edinburgh University we used MLA or Harvard. My first reaction was one of frustration that there are so many different ways. I found myself asking, why can there not just be one system?

I moved on from that frustration though and took part in the google hangout with Dr Schroeder. It was helpful and reassuring that I was on the correct path and wasn’t too far out of my depth . . . Until about 5 minutes ago. Looking over my assignment for a final time, I re-read the instructions and noticed that I had probably taken the wrong path completely. The topic which I chose was the flipped classroom – or as I understand it now to be – flipped learning.

The mistake that I have made is in the type of article which I have chosen to review. I did not identify only studies but articles as well. If the focus of the task is to learn how to use and recognize APA style for citations and create an annotated bibliography, then I have certainly done that. I have reviewed each article in three parts as per the guidelines. However, my choice of articles might not be entirely correct. We learn by making mistakes and so my last minute anxiety about turning in my assignment will either be ill-founded or a great learning point.

I have learned more about the topic of my choosing which will directly impact my teaching. I have developed new knowledge on how to create, save, check and cross reference a citation, so I am happy. I will be annoyed at myself if I have misinterpreted the activity but happy to have learned so much, and most importantly more careful going forward.

This is a link to my Annotated Bibliography.