About Me

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I am a husband, father, educator, learner, talker, procrastinator and love all aspects of education. I come from a family of teachers and married a teacher too so education is part of our lives. Originally, I am from Scotland but now teach at the British International School of Boston. Currently I teach 5th grade and until this year I was also the Head of the Upper Primary (Elementary). I stepped down from my Leadership role in order to do this Masters. I decided that 2 courses a semester, having a dual role teaching / admin job and being a good husband and father wouldn’t fit. It is the first time in 13  years that I have not held a leadership role and I am still adjusting.

I have tutored, lectured and done some consultancy work in the last 16 years and look forward to everything I can learn while studying for the M.E.T at BoiseState. I chose to pursue a further degree in Educational Technology for 2 reasons. Most importantly, I am interested and engaged with the topic and know that there is lots that I can learn that I will enjoy learning about. Secondly, I have always been someone who looks to the future. I think technology can help to solve some of the problems we have in education. In looking at how other professions use and build on technology, I believe that to be an effective, passionate, skillful teacher in the next 20 years, I owe it to myself and my pupils to embrace and engage in technology and all that it can bring.

Andrew Macrae