Social Media in schools

This week we visited a hot topic, the use of social media in the classroom. For our reading we had to look at a lot of ways that Social Media is being used in schools to support and foster learning. We had to put our thoughts together and share them as a VoiceThread. Having taken Social Media as one of my option courses, I was happy to revisit this and think about how far I have come in my own learning and use of Social media in the classroom.

We regularly blog our Literacy on Kidblog, use YouTube playlists and post Thinglink documents in our school moodle for others to see and learn from. I firmly believe that we should embrace technologies children and students are using. Of course we have to be careful and put safeguards in place – I just feel that not hiding things and teaching children how to use different tools and strategies is largely better than closing off the world they will come across outside school. Let us be brave and be educators.



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