Tech Fail

I filmed 5 teachers in school today for our assignment. I was out of school a lot of last week so couldn’t get it done then. Tonight I came home to find that I apparently had recorded nothing. Well nothing that I could get onto my mac. I’ve spend most of the night at it. For the second week in a row, I have had a glitch but because I am working late and last minute have no way to fix it. I should know better.

I will record myself tomorrow as a personal blog and add it in. I don’t think asking teachers to talk again will go down too well.

Lesson learned I hope. I thought I was all set with the film. In the mean time I have added a video I made for another course about the benefits of YouTube in education. I will remedy the situation tomorrow. Have to go to bed now.

One thought on “Tech Fail

  1. Hey Andrew,
    I enjoyed your YouTube video on Vlogging especially your points on why we should use it in education. One point that you brought up was being able to interact with other cultures. I think this is extremely important because it gives students and teachers an insight as to how other cultures learn and go about handling different situations. An insight that they may not have an opportunity to otherwise witness.

    You also mentioned the students where English was their second language. Using YouTube is a great resource for them (and all students) because if they do not understand something the first time they watch the video they can review it as many times as they need to in the comfort of their homes.


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