Spreadsheets and Collaborative documents in 5th Grade History

This week in EdTech 541 – I developed two different lesson frameworks which included Google sheets and Google docs. I think to this point in the course, I had taken a slightly too wide approach to the creation of my website. I initially chose computing for my subject area but that just didn’t seem to work as most of the work we do involves technology anyway. I decided then to make my resources about Social Sciences in the 5th grade. I wanted to make sure that all the things I create for the course were artifacts which I could actually use with my pupils. That way I can share within my school and across our group of schools – there are 42 worldwide which are connected.

Where I think I have gone wrong. . . possibly. . . is in going back and forward between history and geography. I see the benefit in making most of the resources focus on a narrower area of the curriculum, but also see opportunities to experiment. Our curriculum is very different from the American curriculum and so I was second guessing myself a lot. This week I was struggling to see how to build spreadsheets into a history lesson about the American Revolution – but time helps. I came up with the idea of thinking about historical data and planned a lesson with lots of casualties.

I don’t know if I put enough detail in the framework – we didn’t have to create a whole lesson with all resources. What I did realize was that being creative . . . just takes some time. I also realized that you can’t always force it. If I’m honest I don’t think lots of people will be using my website. If I design activities which are broader in nature and cover both geography and history then I can share them across our school groups – they might well be used. I’m still thinking it over. How can I make resources which are really useful to me but also to others in my school, the group of schools and other schools which use our curriculum? I also want to pass the class!



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