Relative Advantages Chart

We have completed a number of tasks for EdTech 541 so far and I seem to have been struggling. I am not sure why. I think I got off to a slow start and have been catching up. Taking two classes and working full time sometimes just creeps up on you.

One of the activities this week was to create a chart which looked at the relative advantages of embedding and using Educational Technology in class. I was stumped with this at first and am really not sure that I have done a good job. My original area for focus was 5th Grade computing but this task seemed moot with that as a focus. We have to use technology to teach computing and so I tried to think outside the box a little. I completed my chart for Social Sciences in my school instead.

I focused on Geography and History which make up part of our the International Primary Curriculum which we use in school. I hope this shift is ok – the result was I had to really think about ways in which my current learning goals would benefit from embedding technology and it worked. My research led me to a number of tools I had not come across as well as thinking about how to use tools we currently have in different ways.

The chart I created is below. Have a look and feel free to add any comments. I think there is a lot to improve but I also feel the process was good and I had some real world take away from the activity.

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