Digital Footprints and my Management Plan

Unlike the footprints we leave on the sand – our digital footprints last. They are so much more permanent and it is my responsibility to investigate, evaluate and then create the footprints which I leave behind. As an elementary teacher I have always been aware of the impact that I have on those students around me and so sensitive to what I say and do in public and private. When I began teaching the internet was far less wide reaching that it is now and far fewer people were connected. With the explosion in connectivity and the digital environment in which I live, I now need to take control of the footprints which I leave.

I had already started to think about how I should ‘brand’ myself and how well maintained my main social media feeds were, but through this assignment I learned that there is so much more to do. I should not just be managing but taking ownership of the way I am represented in the digital world. There are opportunities to share, connect and really establish my identity as well as clear steps that I should be taking to  limit any negative or misplaced information. This is important to me as a person – as a father as well as a professional. The internet has changed the way we live and so I must change the way I manage my online presence.

I thought that I wanted to use new media again with this assignment and so decided that I would create an infographic style image with Venngage and then add my words and comments in Thinglink. The reason was, that I wanted it to be something that I would look at time and time again so that I would use it. A plan is just a list of words unless it is used.

Below is a link to both my thing link document and my references in google docs which I could not seem to attach to the image. Help happily accepted if you have any ideas.

Looking forward to your comments.




2 thoughts on “Digital Footprints and my Management Plan

  1. Andrew…Well thought out and systemically planned and articulated. Your end product is beautiful. I am a pretty concrete sequential dude, so I especially like that you included 2 parts which should be key to a successful management – what your footprint is (currently) and then to think about what you want it to be so that you can plan and create accordingly. I too, am trying to find my niche or brand. You are way ahead of me – you have set up accounts in LinkedIn and aboutme. Those are two areas that I need to set up. I just set up LinkedIn. Your work is always great and I am so glad to have you part of my PLN this year.
    Matt Smeller


  2. Andrew – I certainly enjoyed your unique use of thinklink. Seeing it clearly laid out in front of me and in sequence helped me process your plan. The use of the skull highlighted the dangers of privacy and security.
    You might wish to check the alignment in your references. The Taub reference has a line not configured for hanging indent.
    Amazing work sir, as I enjoyed your post.

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