Creative Expression of Concepts: EdTech 543

I really enjoyed making this. I have wanted to make a video like this for a while but didn’t realize that it was so simple. That said, I did put  a lot of thought into the images that I used.

The first sequence represents a Community of Practice. I wanted to convey the idea of an individual working and collaborating in an environment  – being driven to solve problems. Gradually the girl becomes just part of the community  – indistinguishable from the others. The last group has a wide variety of people, but they are all faceless. I thought this was a small but nice way to illustrate the nature of a COP., that it can be anything and varied.

The transition to Connectivism is deliberately a crazy mixed up line  – meant to be symbolic of chaos, one of the main ideas. The iPad represents the tech side and the brain the human side. They overlap to emphasize the idea of connection – intertwined and connected but clearly distinguishable.

The video moves over to the PLN. I chose to have a large group of people all indistinguishable. A PLN might well be made up of people you never meet, see or even speak to – anonymous in many ways. The symbols of Social Media are symbolic and represent the increasing shift to social media for many educators PLN’s. The coloring of the character is meant to represent the individual – finishing with a smiley. A modern way to communicate feelings with 4 simple pen strokes.

I chose the music because it was fast and had a techno style beat. I wanted to have pace and progression in the video as a metaphor for the concept.

You might have seen these things, maybe not, but that’s the whole point of art and creativity. The interpretation is as important as the intention. I enjoyed this activity and hopefully my expression is simple, easy to follow and encourages some of you to try videoscribe.


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3 thoughts on “Creative Expression of Concepts: EdTech 543

  1. Andrew…Nice work on the video and your interpretation of the assignment. I think you were spot on in terms of the CoP, Connectivism, and PLN. I can really appreciate the artistic thought you put into your video and the details you included with the making of the video. I didn’t catch some of those things, but once I read your blog, I totally understood and connected with your thinking. A nice quality piece of work. I look forward to working more with you this semester. Matt Smeller


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