My Graphic Representation of Educational Technology

I think I made this harder than it needed to be. One of my goals in this program was to learn new skills and apply them as a new learner. In many ways to try and recapture the feelings my students have when faced with the same thing. When I read the task I saw the word Glogster. I had no idea what it was and so felt compelled to find out and then to try and use it. I am pretty confident with Photoshop, Prezi, Keynote etc. but had not heard of Glogster. Having done my reading earlier in the week and reflected and digested with some scribbled notes, I sat down to have a go with GogsterEdu today.

Hmmmmm. Pretty straightforward. You have a canvas and images you can add and drop into it – nothing my 5th graders would not master in 20 min. But then there are a number of multi-media resources which you can add. You can link videos, sound and images which all add to the experience. I did not have time to explore these today but will revisit this site – hopefully with my class to create some posters this week. I did get far too caught up in the variety of images and became frustrated with some of the limits of the program – or rather my limits in knowing how to use it!

My actual graphic is a little different. I put Study and Ethical Practice at the bottom, but placed them on pillars – meant to represent their importance and influence. Without these two foundations, everything else falls down. I used arrows to represent the relationship they have on  the ‘use, create, manage relationship’.  The triangle I created encompasses the resources and processes – which I represented with tech objects and a humanoid head. Maybe getting too arty for my own good. I used key words from the chapter to sit alongside the 3 main headings.

I represented the facilitation of learning and improvement of performance at the top of the page and put them inside a brain. To me the brain is learning. While this is not physically at the heart of my graphic I tried to show that this is a never ending cycle by adding a final arrow to a repeat command with a 0, which was meant to represent the idea of constant repetition.

I can’t say I am very happy with it. I should have played with Glogster earlier in the week and planned my ideas based on its limits. I am glad I learned to use a new resource and reflected on my practice. I learned new skills while reflecting on the concept.

The link below will take you directly to the image, I was not sure if I could embed it in wordpress – never done that before – any help gratefully received.

My Glogster Ed Tech Graphic


8 thoughts on “My Graphic Representation of Educational Technology

  1. I appreciated hearing your commentary as you were working on the assignment. Glogster definitely looks like a hip tool that all the cool teachers would be using. I applaud you for pushing yourself and including fun elements like dogs, robots and (is that a transformer?)


  2. Yes, I agree with your classmates. I think that your Glogster represents a clear idea of the importance of Study and Ethical Practice, while also tying in the other elements. And you didn’t put too much in there, so that is key.


  3. Andrew your self assessment of your chart is a bit stressed, you did a great job. I too was a bit taken aback at first glimpse but as I studied it I, unknowingly, began to follow along and started understanding, it was like a game (I mean this as a huge compliment). Standard charts are fine, as I did, but yours had a flare of creativity to it that I loved. Good Job!


  4. I think I did the same thing with mine as well and over thought it way too much, although yours is really good. I think it is awesome that you decided to try something new. I will have to give glogster a try in one of my classes!


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